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I supported Paul Milde when he started in politics while in his 30s. I observed the hardest-working candidate I’ve ever known pull through that tough election, winning the Stafford Board of Supervisors seat for the Aquia District.
He has never stopped working hard on the issues every day, while also participating outside of his position in many boards, councils and committees related to issues in our district.
Over the 12 years, he has continued at the same tireless pace to support the needs of Stafford. I know that this is exactly what he will do in the Virginia House of Delegates. He will challenge the status quo and get things done.
His support is seen in the over 700 participants who signed up for his annual “Splashdown”—attended by everyone from constituents, friends and family to present and past politicians in Virginia and the federal government who recognize Paul for his accomplishments and drive to serve area residents.
I sincerely hope that everyone in our district will remember Paul’s hard-working ethics from these past years as our supervisor and chairman of the Stafford Board of Supervisors, and will pass this knowledge along to those in the Fredericksburg area.
I also hope everyone will mark June 13 on their calendars and go to the polls and cast their votes for Paul. This is the only way he can win the primary to run in November’s election.
Jo Knight