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If any of you have seen the billboards for Paul Milde’s campaign for state delegate, you may have noticed the words “Gets results” in bold letters stamped right across them. I giggled the first time I saw it because it’s one of those catchy phrases people use.
But if you’ve ever worked with or been in the vicinity of Milde when he’s working (which is often), you’ll understand the catchphrase.
I’ve not met many people who can authoritatively command action while maintaining such a respectful and sincere demeanor. Milde treats everyone he meets as an equal, and holds people accountable to being their best. Milde is a true leader with a heart of gold.
I believe he has a knack for seeing the big picture, and a strategic plan that will yield wonderful results for our community, as evidenced by his ability to grow jobs, wages and new businesses throughout Stafford while preserving more than 10,000 acres.
Milde has been a family friend for years and acted as my mentor, providing guidance with my School Board campaign. Now, as I work with him in the capacity of a School Board member, I can tell you that there is no one else who possesses the qualities that will get the job done for us, like Paul Milde.
Jamie Decatur