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Milde a worthy successor to Bill Howell

Those who live in Virginia’s 28th District are on the cusp of losing their stalwart champion in our commonwealth’s House of Delegates, the honorable William Howell.
He will soon step away from his responsibilities as a delegate and as speaker of the House after having served his constituents—and all of Virginia—with extraordinary character, a powerful work ethic, and stainless integrity. He will not and cannot be replaced, only succeeded.
With that in mind and noting that we will not be electing both a delegate and a speaker of the House of Delegates, but rather, sending to Richmond perhaps the most junior delegate in the entire House, a few thoughts are in order.
The individual we elect will be faced with duties quite different from those Howell carries out at present—and with less authority and a smaller staff. Nevertheless, that individual must possess Bill Howell’s highest traits: boundless energy, a record of past accomplishments, political vision, cordiality, and the ability to educate one’s own judgment.
I see those traits in Paul Milde, and ask that you vote for him on 13 June.
Bill Hayes