In response to the FLS story “DHL Distribution Center Coming to Stafford County”.

Our Board of Supervisors’ recent decision will add over 1860 new vehicle trips daily to our brand-new, curvy Courthouse Road Divergent Diamond interchange. A significant amount of this traffic will be heavy trucks.  And worse, our Board has awarded big tax incentives (aka your tax dollars) to DHL to make it happen.

Just over a decade ago, a bipartisan Board of Supervisors went on record specifically stating they did not want more semi-truck traffic and industrial use in and near the planned interchange. And at that time, we were expecting a full cloverleaf interchange that would have had more capacity and no traffic lights. We felt so strongly about it that we pushed through a well-publicized and very rare county initiated rezoning of the entire Courthouse Area between I-95 and Jefferson Davis Highway. Over the objections of existing businesses like GDC Trucking and Estes Trucking, our Board changed all of the M1 industrial zonings to a rarely used B3 commercial zoning. We did so for the express intent of limiting heavy truck traffic to what was already grandfathered in place.

That decision was reversed when the Board recently approved the new 700,000 square foot DHL trucking hub on Wyche Road next to the interchange. We already know, from another FLS story on the new Burns Corner Development, that the level of service for the interchange will fall to a grade of D. And that is before considering the new 1360 vehicle trips a day added by DHL. 

The Embrey Mill-Stafford Courthouse area isn’t the right place for those massive eighteen-wheeled trucks and, more importantly, it’s not fair to the landowners who had all of their land made less valuable with the zoning change twelve years ago.

Paul Milde