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Former Stafford Board of Supervisors Chairman will seek the Republican nomination in June 8 Primary

Stafford, Virginia, March 8, 2021:  Former Supervisor Paul V. Milde III today declared his candidacy to represent Aquia District on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors.  Milde represented Aquia on the Board from 2006 through 2017.  He will seek the Republican nomination in the June 8 Primary.

“With the unprecedented challenges facing its residents and families, businesses, and county government over the last year, Stafford needs proven, effective leadership as to restore the quality of life we had come to expect,” said Milde.  “As Supervisor, I successfully fought to improve our quality of life by establishing and growing our parks, protecting our county’s natural beauty from development, improving our transportation network, and keeping our fiscal house in order.

“I am seeking to serve my neighbors in Aquia once again, bringing that same commitment to ensure Stafford’s natural beauty is protected, and that our county is both livable and affordable.

“As Supervisor, I made transportation a top priority, working to obtain $1 billion in funding for long overdue projects to alleviate congestion.  I championed improvements to Courthouse Road to shorten the time residents spend in their vehicles.  Misguidedly, the county has approved projects that will further clog Courthouse Road, including one that will add substantial tractor-trailer traffic.  The flooding on the Brooke Road S-curves pose a safety and environmental threat, making the situation dangerous as well as inconvenient for motorists.  The only way to address our transportation challenges is to embrace a comprehensive approach that coordinates available resources and prioritizes projects that alleviate traffic and congestion.  I have demonstrated that ability before, and I am ready to do it again.

“Keeping taxes low, and fighting unnecessary tax increases, requires similar vigilance.  As Supervisor, I led the fight to repeal BPOL, effectively eliminated taxes on boats, reduced the tax rate, and consistently supported equalizations that kept property taxes low.  The result was to ensure homeowners were provided relief from assessment creep, with county government practicing fiscal discipline.  We accomplished those savings for our taxpayers while simultaneously raising the county’s bond rating.

“Because of our proximity to the beltway and our lengthy shore along the Potomac, Aquia District has neighborhoods that require special attention.  Residents of Aquia Harbour know about my attentiveness to their unique needs, as do those who live along the Brooke Road corridor.  That attention to detail, working with neighbors to address problems large and small, became a hallmark of my service on the Board.

“My neighbors in Aquia District honored me as their voice to county government.  I am asking them for that opportunity again.  My promise to them is that I will be accessible, accountable, and responsive.  And, they know I’ll fight to ensure the county we call ‘home’ remains the best place to live.”

The Aquia District is comprised of Aquia, Brooke, Courthouse, and Government Island precincts in Stafford County.