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In the March 29, 2018, edition of The Richmond Times Dispatch, Virginia Secretary of Finance Aubrey Layne expressed his view that Virginia cannot maintain its AAA bond rating without enacting Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Specifically, Secretary Layne said, “If we don’t take the money, it’s my personal opinion it will be very difficult for us to satisfy the reserve requirement.”

Setting aside the fact that the Senate’s proposed budget places more money into Virginia’s cash reserves than the House’s plan, the record of other states that have imposed Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion would indicate Secretary Layne’s assessment may not be supported by experience or evidence.

The Latest on Medicaid Expansion

Read more facts about Medicaid expansion, problems encountered in other states and other options.

Alternative Medicaid Options

Federally Qualified Health Centers are important safety net providers in rural areas. FQHCs are outpatient clinics that qualify for specific reimbursement systems under Medicare and Medicaid. They include federally designated Health Center Program awardees, and...

Senate Majority Leader’s Statement

Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R-James City), Co-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, today issued the following statement regarding today’s actions by the House Appropriations Committee to advance House Bills 5001 and 5002: “Today’s vote by...

Expansion is Fueling the Opioid Epidemic

Public appreciation for the program [Medicaid] has steadily increased as people come to understand its importance in the health care system, including its central role in combating the opioid epidemic   Chairman Johnson Releases Report on How Medicaid Has Helped to...

Speaker Howell Op-Ed on Medicaid Expansion

Virginia is known for its judicious, responsible approach to governing. We must continue to apply that approach when looking at all issues, including health care. Medicaid expansion is at best a risky bet. An alternative approach would be the better path.   As the...

Lower Pay for Teachers and Crowding

Following the nationwide trend, Medicaid has taken a growing toll on Oklahoma’s budget.   The lead editorial in today's Wall Street Journal highlights the negative fiscal pressures being exerted on education spending by the growth in Medicaid spending....

Financially Risky for the Commonwealth

MEMBERS of the Virginia General Assembly return to Richmond today for a special session in an attempt to do what they failed to do during their regular 60-day session: pass a biennial state budget. Then and now, the main sticking point is Medicaid...


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