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Paul Milde – Conservative Republican for Delegate

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A Message From Paul

Thanks for visiting my website. I intend to continue to play a role in helping Stafford County and the Fredericksburg region find innovative solutions to the problems that affect our quality of life. This website is a platform for me to share my perspective on these issues, and to keep you updated on what I’m working on. I always welcome your feedback. Be sure to subscribe to my e-mail list for the latest news.


Paul Milde understands high taxes and reckless spending cripple our economy’s growth. That’s why he cut millions of dollars in taxes, by:

  • Repealing the job-crushing Business, Professional, and Occupational (BPOL) Tax, and
  • Slashing personal property taxes.

As a result of Paul’s leadership, Stafford County’s job growth soared to first place in the state while the county’s bond rating was strengthened to AAA status.

As your Delegate, Paul will always stand for common-sense free market principles and against the socialist economic policies of the extreme left.


Paul Milde will work hard to improve infrastructure. Paul has a track record of developing infrastructure while on the Stafford Board of Supervisors. He’s been pivotal in starting, funding, and completing hundreds of infrastructure projects. 

As your delegate, he will bring the fight to Richmond to get the infrastructure funding the Fredericksburg area so desperately needs.



Paul Milde understands the importance of strong public schools. That’s why he voted to implement categorical funding that sends more education dollars to classrooms — not the bureaucracy. He also worked with the School Board to renovate Stafford Elementary School and to re-build Anne E. Moncure Elementary at a safer location. Paul Milde is proud that Stafford County Public Schools is the largest school system in the state with every school fully accredited.

In Richmond, Paul will continue fighting for Virginia’s future by supporting common sense funding solutions for public schools and promoting school choice to give parents better control of their children’s education.


House of Delegates District 28 is home to one of our nation’s greatest treasures, George Washington’s Ferry Farm. Paul Milde helped protect this historic landmark. He also led the Board of Supervisors’ efforts to preserve The Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve and Government Island and helped to establish the Stafford Civil War Park and the Belmont Ferry Farm Trails. With Paul’s leadership, Stafford County preserved 10,000 acres during his 12-year tenure on the Board of Supervisors.

Paul also prioritized funding for voter approved parks and recreation projects such as the new baseball fields at Chichester Park and the soccer and football fields and swimming pool complex at Embrey Mill.

About Paul

Paul Milde is a Stafford County businessman who served 12 years on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors. Paul has lived in Stafford since 1989 and has two grown children, Travis and Bailey. Paul is a lifelong entrepreneur who believes that with hard work and a willingness to innovate, we can find public policy solutions to even the thorniest of problems. Paul has a track record of success with this common-sense approach to government. His work to preserve Stafford’s Crow’s Nest peninsula proved that land preservation can be achieved without trampling property rights. As a three-time chairman of the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO), Paul learned how important it is for our region to have a tenacious advocate for funding to address the perennial problem of traffic. Since his term on the Board of Supervisors ended in 2017, Paul has remained engaged in these and many other issues facing our region.

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