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Dear Commonwealth Transportation Board and Governor McAuliffe, did you know?

  • On December 14, 2014 when the HOT lanes opened, instantly 44 minutes were added to the weekly Stafford commute of those coming from points south of route 610, exit 143.
  • There is currently NO PLAN to extend the HOT lanes or add lanes to I-95 south of mile marker 142.
  • On October 16, 2012, The Commissioner of Highways, under Governor McDonnell, wrote that phase two of the I-95 express lanes were a “top priority”. Under the new administration those plans have been scrapped.
  • Improvements to the corridor are critical to the continued economic growth and success of the Commonwealth as a whole and to the region it connects.
  • I-95 is a critical evacuation route for the Northern Virginia region.

This is a project of National and Statewide Significance.

Make this your top priority and fund the necessary improvements to get our region moving again.

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