Saving the Crow’s Nest peninsula from development was one of Paul Milde’s primary goals since well before he became involved in local politics. In January 2004, Paul founded This nonpartisan organization was formed in order to raise awareness of this environmental and historical treasure we have in our own backyard.

After many years of disappointments and set backs, at Paul’s request in December 2007, the Board of Supervisors endorsed a negotiated settlement that forever saved 1770 acres of The Crows Nest and gave Stafford an option to purchase another 1100 acres.

Currently, as a Board of Supervisors member, Paul serves as a member of The Trust for Crows Nest and they, together with their local state and federal partners, are working diligently to put together the necessary funding to exercise their option to purchase phase 2. These successful efforts will pay dividends for the future.

For much more information about The Crows Nest and the continuing efforts, please visit Paul’s website at Saving Crows Nest.

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