Trump's First State of the Union

 Did he get the job done?

Last night President Trump delivered the state of the union. Three-quarters of Americans approved. As I listened, I realized that I was witnessing what so many of us have longed for; inspiration about America’s greatness and a resolve from our leaders that our nation will become even greater.

The state of the union went beyond just party lines.  Yes, President Trump’s first year in office has resulted in unprecedented economic growth. Yes, President Trump successfully appointed a conservative jurist to the Supreme Court, filling the seat once held by one of America’s most talented justices ever, Antonin Scalia. And yes, Congress successfully passed comprehensive tax reform.

But last night’s speech centered more on the fabric of our nation. It was framed around the people who make America great like Policeman Ryan Holetz, who stopped a pregnant woman from shooting up heroin which would have harmed her baby. When she said she had no hope, Ryan and his wife Rebecca agreed to adopt her baby girl and named her Hope.

He told the story of Army Staff Sergeant Justin Peck, who was in Racca, Syria.  According to Fox News he was clearing “… IEDs, set by the Islamic State, from a hospital when one detonated, injuring Chief Petty Officer Kenton Stacey. Peck ran into the building and up to an ‘IED-ridden second floor’ to help Stacey.” Peck performed CPR for 2 ½ hours on his comrade, saving Stacey’s life.

President Trump told America’s story by focusing on ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

I see that every day in my business, where construction workers build infrastructure. I saw it every day I served in office when I was on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors. Our deputies, our firefighters, our staff in the Planning Department and Health Department are all a part of the heartbeat that makes our community strong. “Ordinary” people who go out of their way to help their neighbor.

Whether you hold office or run a business. Whether you are a teacher or a stay-at-home mom, we all have a responsibility to protect the freedom God has given us.

That’s what I took from President Trump’s speech. He talked about the yearning of every human soul for freedom and he promised total American resolve to defend freedom and to assist our brothers and sisters in the world as they seek freedom, too.

We can agree or disagree on many issues but as long as we remember that we’re on the same team – America – as President Trump said last night, I have faith in our citizens and trust in our God that we will become even stronger.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the speech. What was your impression?

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  1. Andrea Coble

    Well said Paul. And in God We Trust! You see, God can even use Trump, flaws and all. His locker room talk opened up conversations for 160 sexually abused gymnasts. Yep, the Me Too movement had help by The Donald. I would never March with a hateful Trump sign and wear a pussy hat, Exploiting someone’s sin is as bad as stoning a woman. I will give our President credit for helping to Make America Great Again. If Oscar Shindler, the womanizing opportunist (employed by the Nazis) can in the end saved many lives, imagine the great things Trump can do in peacetime. I stand behind our President and thank you for sharing.


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