Early in 2006, Medicorp made the decision that they would like to invest in Stafford ’s future and build a $150 million facility near our Courthouse. However, there were several conditions that needed to be met before this vision would become reality.

First, Dr. Robert Stroube, the Virginia Health Commissioner would have to issue a certificate of need. The State of Virginia strictly controls when and where medical facilities can be built. With this knowledge, the Stafford Board of Supervisors and many local residents began successfully lobbying Dr. Stroube and in May of 2006 that certificate of need was awarded. In conjunction with a certificate of need, Medicorp also needed Stafford to grant favorable zoning and site plan approval so they could start construction as soon as possible.

Fast tracking a project of this size presented many challenges, not the least of which was making sure the surrounding homeowners and landowners felt their concerns would be addressed. Other issues that were addressed included making sure adequate infrastructure was in place to support the hospital, as well as making sure traffic impacts were adequately mitigated. As part of the negotiations with Stafford , Medicorp agreed to build a four-lane road connecting Courthouse Road with Route 1, a $5 million improvement.

In order to address the concerns of the neighbors, an ad hoc group was formed with Paul Milde, the neighbors, and representatives from Medicorp that began working through these issues. This group still meets occasionally as needed.

To date, everything has gone better than expected and the new Stafford hospital opened in late February 2009.

For more information on Stafford Medical Center please visit  Stafford Hospital Center.

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