As Supervisor, I have consistently fought for sound – and frugal – government fiscal policy. I have advocated for needs-based budgets and for policies that strengthen our fiscal stability.

The results speak for themselves. Stafford now enjoys AAA bond ratings from Standard & Poors and from Fitch. The third bond rating service, Moody’s, has assigned us a AA1 rating with a “positive” outlook. These strong ratings place Stafford County among the nation’s best managed.

These achievements did not come overnight – or even over the last few years. They are the result of more than a decade of sound, conservative fiscal management.

As Delegate, I will support only needs-based budgets that are conservative and fiscally responsible. And, I’ll work to ensure Virginia retains its AAA bond rating.

Constitutional Liberties

Defending Your Constitutional Liberties Our founders had the inspired idea to declare our rights to originate with God and not government. And, they had the foresight to enshrine certain inalienable rights within our founding documents. These are God-given rights,...

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Second Amendment Rights

I am an NRA lifetime member and the proud recipient of an “A” rating from the NRA. Our constitutional right to bear arms is a fundamental right. The Founders included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights because they believed it would ensure and protect all our...

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Transportation & Congestion I worked tirelessly advocating for improvements that have resulted in $1.3 billion in transportation upgrades for our region. These dollars have funded extending the HOT lanes on I-95 three times, upgrading Route 610 and Route 17, the...

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