Our community is blessed with a rich history and natural beauty. As Supervisor, I made it my goal to preserve the natural beauty of our region for generations to come. When I first ran for the Board, I pledged to preserve Crow’s Nest – the largest single area of undeveloped land in Stafford. Today, 3,000 acres of Crow’s Nest is protected from future development. And, this long-sought goal was achieved without infringing upon property rights.

All totaled, over 10,000 acres in Stafford has been protected because of innovative policies I championed.

I also placed a high priority on improving and increasing our parks. I successfully worked to make Government Island and Civil War Park a reality.

As Delegate, I will continue to work for sensible policies that allow for the preservation of our region’s – and Virginia’s – natural beauty. And, I’ll continue to ensure these goals be accomplished while respecting individual property rights.

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