As a business owner and resident of the Fredericksburg area I have witnessed the impact that Paul Milde has had on the local area. He has been a champion of business with his conservative approach to reducing taxes, growing jobs and creating business opportunities.

As a member of the board of supervisors he has been a major reason for Stafford’s AAA bond rating, the HOT lanes extension and bringing the Stafford Hospital and Germanna Community College to Stafford.

He has also been instrumental in making the quality of life better in the area by addressing traffic issues through increasing VRE ridership and planning for the courthouse road interchange. The people in the Stafford area have Paul’s hard work to thank for the conservation of approximately 10,000 acres of land and the protection of Crow’s Nest peninsula. His ability to get things done through communicating and negotiating with others of differing opinions has been a true strength of Paul’s and has served him well in representing all of his constituents.

He is the right person to serve in the 28th District House of Delegates as he moves to the next level of serving the people in the area.

Raymond Freeland


Letter taken from INSIDE NOVA May 22, 2017. See the original article here.

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