By Lindley Estes Free Lance Star

The Stafford County School Board approved resolutions to transfer land from the Anne E. Moncure campus to the county, allowing the parcel to be used for commercial use.

The Board of Supervisors originally proposed an exchange of the current Moncure campus for property that would include a spot for a new elementary school.

In return for the current Moncure school site, the county will purchase approximately 22.3 acres off Garrisonville Road in the Perry Farms neighborhood. This land will go to the school division as the site for a new Anne E. Moncure Elementary.

The resolutions passed by the School Board on Tuesday focus on two small parcels of land that will be sold to VDOT for expansion of a nearby commuter parking lot.

The School Board acted swiftly, without discussion. The public hearing for the resolution had no comment and closed with no board discussion.

The supervisors had previously approved the agreement for the land transfer on March 6.

School Board Chairwoman Stephanie Johnson said the exchange is a no-lose situation.

“With regard to advantages, it gives our county valuable property,” she said. “And it takes the school out of the renovation cycle to be rebuilt.”

The property is tied in with the Capital Improvement Plan for 2015, when the new school will be built and the current property will be turned over to the county as surplus for other use.

The school opened in 1966 and was named for Anne E. Moncure, who first began teaching first grade in Stafford in 1931, a position she held for three years. She then became superintendent of elementary education, a post she held until she retired in 1960.

Moncure’s career with Stafford’s school system has been described as pioneering. She was known for taking the initiative with education, such as starting her own traveling library, going to each school with books in the back of her car because there were no libraries in the school buildings when she began in Stafford.

Supervisor Paul Milde, representing Aquia District, who has been involved with the Moncure school site transfer on the Board of Supervisors, said, “There are not only safety issues with a school so close to a busy road, it is also not the highest and best use of the property.”

Milde also said that the age of the current school raises an issue as well.

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