I’m a Stafford County resident, a retired Marine fighter pilot, a dedicated father and a successful business owner. I have been here since 2001, founded my company here in 2006, and am raising my children here as well. Paul Milde has been my friend AND my supervisor for quite a while now, and I feel he is a tremendous asset to Stafford and Virginia. I’m writing to endorse Paul as a phenomenal choice for the seat being vacated by Bill Howell in January 2018. Paul is an action-oriented leader and he makes things happen for Virginia. Here are a few of the reasons I have voted for Paul and will continue to vote for Paul:

  • Stafford County’s AAA bond rating
  • Germanna in Stafford
  • HOT lanes extension to Fredericksburg
  • Dramatic VRE ridership & OTP increases
  • Courthouse Road Interchange
  • Stafford Hospital
  • Tax repeal : BPOL, Boat & Aircraft
  • Leading the commonwealth in job, wage & new business growth for 10 years

Look at that list of contributions!! That’s Action …. And that’s what we need!!

Jeffrey M. Dunn
Stafford County

Letter taken from INSIDE NOVA April 29,2017. See the original article here.
Editor’s note: The writer is owner of SageGuild, LLC.

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