Making healthcare more affordable through competition and choice

Whether by a change in the law from Washington or from a collapse brought on by what has become a fiscally unsustainable scheme, Obamacare is coming to an end. It will soon fall upon the states to deal with that reality.

As Delegate, I will support policies that increase competition and bring greater patient choice – both in options for care and options for coverage. Ultimately, the failure of Obamacare is the result of forcing a one-size-fits-all government solution upon a part of our lives where one-size definitely does not fit all. Individualization, competition, and real choice is the only way to address this challenge.

I will also oppose any attempt to impose Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion scheme on Virginia. At 23% of the General Fund budget and continuing to grow, Medicaid is already placing pressure on core government services, like schools and public safety. And with Washington poised to put caps on the funding it allocates to states for this service, Virginia must be fiscally prudent.

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