Brooke Road Safety Improvements

After over a decade of planning & searching for funding one of the most deadly roads in Stafford is being  made safe.

Road Projects in Stafford County


From 2.44 miles south of Eskimo Hill Road (SR-628) to 0.64 mile south of Eskimo Hill Road – Project Length = 1.8 Miles

Project is part of the Youth Driver Task Force recommendations and is included in the 2008 Transportation Bond Referendum.  Cost is @ $5.2 M.  Improvements project will reconstruct Brooke Road to meet VDOT 3R standards (resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation).  Improvements include horizontal and vertical realignment, typical section improvements (lane width, shoulder width, and roadside features), and sight distance improvements.  The roadway typical section will include two standard 11’ lanes with adjacent 6’ shoulders in each direction, and roadside ditches to convey local drainage.  Stormwater management in accordance with County and VDOT standards will be provided using traditional stormwater management basins along the length of the project.


– MAY 2018 – Notice to Proceed issued May 1st – Construction to be completed by March 2020


– Allowed Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM – Saturday all day – Sunday none
– To maintain at least one travel lane at all times during the day
– Will maintain access to all businesses & residences during construction
– Will reconstruct one lane while traffic travels on adjacent lane
– Be prepared for shifts in traffic


– Detour & road closure necessary to extend existing culverts under the road
– Portable message signs installed at least one week prior to closure
– Detour signs will direct traffic – detoured motorists to follow signs – taking a route along Deacon Road & Eskimo Hill Road to  bypass road closure


– Pardon Our Dust Meeting held May 7, 2018 – Brochure


– County – Alex Owsiak PE – Transportation Project Manager – (540) 658-4593 –
– Branch Civil – William Huard – Project Manager – (571) 208-7979 –

– AMT & Associates Inc – Walt Harrison CMM – Construction Manager
– VDOT – Robert Ridgell PE – VDOT Area Construction Engineer


“Shortly after 17:00 hours Rescue Squad 1 was alerted for another auto accident reported with entrapment in the are of Brooke Road and James Hill.” Full Story


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Brooke Road Safety Improvements

After over a decade of planning & searching for funding one of the most deadly roads in Stafford is being  made safe. BROOKE ROAD - STATE ROUTE 608 From 2.44 miles south of Eskimo Hill Road (SR-628) to 0.64 mile south of Eskimo Hill Road - Project Length = 1.8 Miles...

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