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A Message From Paul

Thanks for visiting my website. I intend to continue to play a role in helping Stafford County and the Fredericksburg region find innovative solutions to the problems that affect our quality of life. This website is a platform for me to share my perspective on these issues, and to keep you updated on what I’m working on. I always welcome your feedback. Be sure to subscribe to my e-mail list for the latest news.


Support Budgets that are Conservative and Fiscally Responsible


Bring Necessary Resources to Improve Transportation and Relieve Traffic


Oppose Attempts to Impose Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion Scheme


Support Constitutional Carry and Vigorously Defend Second Amendment Rights

About Paul

Paul Milde is a Stafford County businessman who served 12 years on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors. Paul has lived in Stafford since 1989 and has two grown children, Travis and Bailey. Paul is a lifelong entrepreneur who believes that with hard work and a willingness to innovate, we can find public policy solutions to even the thorniest of problems. Paul has a track record of success with this common-sense approach to government. His work to preserve Stafford’s Crow’s Nest peninsula proved that land preservation can be achieved without trampling property rights. As a three-time chairman of the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO), Paul learned how important it is for our region to have a tenacious advocate for funding to address the perennial problem of traffic. Since his term on the Board of Supervisors ended in 2017, Paul has remained engaged in these and many other issues facing our region.

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Express Lanes Extension, One Year Later

Just more than a year has passed since the first extension of the Interstate 95 express lanes merge in North Stafford opened on Oct....

Brooke Road Safety Improvements

After over a decade of planning & searching for funding one of the most deadly roads in Stafford is being  made safe. BROOKE ROAD...

28th District Delegate Candidate

Dear Republican Friend, I am writing to let you know I am running for the Republican nomination for Delegate in the 28th District. As...

Fixes to Congested Interstate

A roundtable meeting between members of the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce and high-ranking lawmakers in...

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